Frequently Asked Questions


What is Migrera?

Migrera is an online marketplace for packers and movers, that makes moving process easier and more transparent. List us the items you want to move, Migrera gets you the best quotes from reliable packers and movers in your city. You can view the ratings, compare prices and book the packers and movers that best chooses your requirement.

Is Migrera really free ?

Yes, it is. We will provide you the best quotes from reliable packers and movers in your city without costing you a single penny.

Do I have to register?

Yes, but we will create a profile automatically from your email and generate a password that's shared with you in an email. You can always log in to continue from where you left, check the quotes and book a move.

How do I know that the packers and movers I choose are trustworthy?

The process of enlistment of the packers and movers with Migrera ensures that, we check the credentials and the track record. Customer feedback, thorough review and a provision to delist the ineffective packers and movers ensures only the best and trustworthy stay with us.

Can I contact the packers and movers listed directly?

Yes. We will not stop you from doing that. But Migrera doesn't recognise the transaction and so the advantages and guarantees associated with Migrera doesn't apply.


What if I can’t find an item in the inventory?

An option is available at the end of the customization process. Provide the description and volume of the item. we will add this to your inventory.

If my inventory changes on the day of the move, how will I know how much I owe?

We understand you can't convey each item to us. we ask our Vendor to include some extra space to fit in few minor items. If its a major item you missed ( Fridge,bed,washing machine..) Vendor may charge mutually agreed extra.


What does packing and unpacking mean ?

If you opt for packing, our manpower will bring the necessary packing material on your move day.If you select unpacking, you get the manpower to unpack those.

What does loading and unloading mean ?

For Loading services, your belongings will be placed safely on the truck and transferred to your new residence. For UnLoading services, movers will deliver your belongings from the truck to your room of choice.


Can I change my move date ?

Yes, call us at +91 8297 903 903 and we will help you coordinate with your mover. However, we may not guarantee the same price after rescheduling your move.

Can I add extra pick up and drop locations ?

Right now NO. But we are in the process of building that feature. It will be added soon.

Can I change my packers and movers once booked?

Yes - Absolutely. You can choose any packers and movers from the quotes dashboard. To change the mover you can either give us a call at +91 8297 903 903 or email us at [email protected] Cancellation charges for the present mover will be applicable (Please look below for charges).


I have placed an order. How much time will it take to get quotes from packers and movers ?

Not more than 24 hours. You start getting quotes immediately after your order is placed. we will make sure all our movers quotes are ready with in 24 hours.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still book the move ?

Yes, you can. We also accept Internet Banking and Debit Cards as payment options. We have a tie up with one of the most reputed payment gateway providers Citrus for your hassle free transaction.

If I cancel my move will I be charged?

Before 48 hours of the move no charge is applicable.
Within 48 hours to 24 hours from move date, charges will be 5% of the total amount.
Within 24 hours from move date, charges will be 10% of the total amount.