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BY Abhishek Kurasala | March 09, 2016

5 Useful House Shifting Tips that can save you up to 30%

Who doesn’t look to save? We all love to save few bucks while we do shopping, eat outside, traveling. For that matter in everything we do.Why not save while house shifting?

Unfortunately, we don’t have apps or sites which will give us true saving tips about house shifting.

After analyzing 1000+ moves, here are the 5 tips we discovered to be effective in saving your money.And a bonus tip at the end :)


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Plan your move at least 2–3 weeks in advance


  • It gives you enough time to look out for different vendors and their prices. Since this sector is highly unorganized, you will get quotes ranging from unbelievably low to breathtaking high. Believe me, even if you have the time, it’s a vexing task.
  • If you don’t have time and want to have a good experience, it’s always better to use platforms like Migrera to make your move easy and secure.


Plan it on a weekday


  • Most packers and movers are busy on weekends. They know the demand is high and they cash on it.
  • On weekdays, prices are a bit less and vendors professionalism is far better, as they don’t have other commitments for the day.
“you get more for less”

Be generous to list all your major items to the vendor

  • Most customers skip listing the items willing or unwilling to the vendors. Don’t do this. If you miss some items unwilling, inform the packers and movers in advance before the move day. If you don’t, it creates a lot of hassle on the move day.
  • This gives vendor’s an advantage to charge more price for the extra goods as they know you would have no other option than to pay.
“ Be transparent and save money”


Cut down your load size


    • House is definitely a place where we preserve all our memorable and important stuff. But also, pile up a lot of junk - unused Crockery, clothes, chairs…
    • Sell it off to friends, neighbors or put them on sale in OLX or Quickr. If there are clothes, chairs, tables please donate them to the people who are in need for goodwill.
“You can earn, support community and save money-triple joy” :)

Timing of your House shifting

  • Most of us know about it, but I bet most of us don’t think of it while shifting house. Goods vehicle prohibited entry timings in each city.
  • Some packers and movers are liberal to say you this in advance, but most vendors rip you some money saying “we bribed traffic police for “xxx” amount to avoid the challan”. Is it not annoying?


            “Be wise to check the permitted timings in the city you move and plan accordingly.”


Bonus tip

It’s high time for wallets, cash backs, promo codes . Pick online packers and movers backed with technology rather than traditional packers and movers to take cash backs. Not only the payment, they also make the whole process hassle free.

“Choose online packers and movers to get cash backs”


  • 5 house shifting tips from migrera 

They are many thing to take care apart from these 5 tips to save time and money. Its not easy anymore to shift our house filled with complex digital gadgets, delicate artifacts. We complied few house shifting tips to avoid while moving.

Your Turn
Do you know any saving tips ? or Do you have any house shifting story? let’s us know below.

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5 Useful House Shifting Tips that can save you up to 30% Very helpful money saving tips. Worth reading.  -Anshika Gahlot Rating: 5 out of 5

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