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BY Suneer Verma | August 02, 2015


The TV series Friends is probably the most loved, quoted and re-watched series in colleges all across India. The stories of six best friends from their professional problems to their commitment complications are as heart-warming as they are engaging. All that being mentioned, it is the series’ humor that makes it one of the best of all time. The sheer originality of dialogue and the number of jokes per unit frame is incredible which makes our task of picking the ten best Friends’ jokes near impossible but now that we have it, could this list BE any funnier?!


1.) Conversation between Joey and Ross ([S03E08 – TOW Giant Poking Device])


Joey:  If the Homo sapiens were, in fact, "Homo" sapiens is that why they're extinct?
Ross:  Joey, Homo sapiens are people.
Joey:  Hey, I'm not judging.


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2.) Chandler and Yoey [S01E20 – TOW Evil Orthodontist]


Chandler (on phone): I got her machine.

Joey: Her answering machine?
Chandler: No, interesting enough, her leaf blower picked up.



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3.) Bracelet Buddies [S02E14 – TOW Prom Video]


Joey (on giving Chandler a new bracelet): Oh, and do you have any idea what this will do for your sex life?
Chandler: Well, it’ll probably slow it down at first, but once I get used to the extra weight I’ll be back on track.


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4.) Chandlers Sarcasm at its peak [S05E16 – TOW The Cop]


Joey: I kind of had a dream. (Pause) But I don't wanna talk about it.
Chandler: Whoa whoa whoa! What if Martin Luther King had said that?


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5.) Chandler doing it again [S05E06 – TOW The Yeti]


Ross: (on moving to a place far away from work): I mean it's... it's kinda far from work, but, uh, you know, I'll get so much done on the commute. I... I've been given the gift of time!
Chandler: Now, that's so funny, because last Christmas I got the gift of space. We should get them together and make a continuum.


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6.) Unbelievable Joey [S06E04 – TOW Joey Loses His Insurance]


Joey (on losing health insurance): What? Let me see that. Oh no! This sucks. When I had health insurance I could… catch on fire, you know or get hit by a bus. Now I gotta be careful?
Chandler: I know what you mean, man, there’s never a good time to stop… catching on fire.


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7.) Joey and Chandler again [S01E09 – TOW Underdog Gets Away]


Chandler (seeing Joey wearing make-up): Are you wearing make-up?
Joey: Yes. As of today I will be Joey Tribbiani, actor slash model.
Chandler: Really? Because to me you look like Joey Tribbiani, man slash woman.


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8.) The Best Friends Again [S03E19 – TOW The Tiny T-Shirt]


Joey: Just because she went to Yale drama, she thinks she's like the greatest actress since, since, sliced bread! 
Chandler: Ah, sliced bread, a wonderful Lady MacBeth.


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9.) [S05E05 – TOW The Kips](Joey has packed an emergency kit with food, Mad-Libs and condoms) 


Chandler: Condoms? 
Joey: We don't know how long we're gonna be stuck here. We might have to repopulate the world. 
Chandler: And condoms are the way to do that?



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10.) [S03E17 – TOW The Ski-Trip] (They’re trapped in the middle of nowhere and Joey has made a sign on the ground with some branches)


Monica: What's "PLEH?"
Joey: That's HELP spelled backwards so that the helicopters can read it from the air!


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I hope you all agree with the list curated by me and bring back some good memories back to you. I guess you will also start watching the above episodes again. I know it never gets bored. A big applause to this wonderful series and an awesome cast.


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