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BY Vikas Mulla | June 12, 2015

House Shifting Tips - 10 Mistakes to Avoid

online packers and movers

1) Failing to identify genuine packers and movers

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There are more than 400 packers and movers in Hyderabad, most of which are unregistered and do not even have a office. So, the foremost thing is to find reliable packers and movers. This can be done by looking for reviews, ratings and their online presence.

Take some time and do your reasearch.

2) Calling XY dial 

packers and movers hyderabad

Once you call dial search engines, You are flooded with phone calls rather than information. XY dial is now better called get dialed. You get calls the whole day(my personal experience).

Never make the same mistake twice.

3) Lowest price doesn't mean the best price

packers and movers hyderabad

Most of the local packers and movers try to grab the deal by quoting very low prices. In many instances lowest price turns into extra charges or damages. Also there can be delays in shifting process as these people do not have their own vehicles and labour.

Dont be greedy for few bucks.

4) Incorrect listing of items to Packers and Movers

packers and movers hyderabad

This can land you into trouble with the packers and movers on the day of move. List everything to the extent possible and discuss the unlisted items with the packers before making the move.

Take your time and list the correct items.

5) Not knowing the difference between unpacking and relocation

packers and movers hyderabad


Unpacking includes only unwrapping the items inside the new residence where as relocation includes arranging the unwrapped items as requested by the customer. Some packers and movers provide relocation services as well.

 Be clear in what you request.

6) Assuming that packers and movers will dismantle AC or Geyser or others such electronic items

packers and movers hyderabad

This is the most common assumption made by many customers. No packers and movers will provide this service. However you can request for a technician. 

Extra services require extra bucks.

7) Unwilling to purchase a moving insurance

packers and movers hyderabad

With the kind of track record Our Country has got in number of road accidents, It makes sense to opt for a moving insurance as the premium is pretty small. 

Be on the safe side always.

8) Paying challan unnecessarily

packers and movers hyderabad

Plan your move according to the timings prescribed for such purpose. For example in Hyderabad it is before 9:00 AM or between12:00 AM and 3:30 PM or after 10:00 PM. You can get this information from traffic police websites in respective cities.

Needlessly don't lose the money

9) No idea about the actual items that are loaded into the truck

packers and movers hyderabad


Never forget to make a full inventory of items especially the boxes(they can be easily misplaced).

Make a list of all the items you are moving

10) Not labelling the boxes

packers and movers hyderabad


Be smart and label the boxes. Information on the boxes will save you a time while unpacking.

 Be Organized

Follow these 10 simple tips for a smooth and  hassle free move!

packers and movers hyderabad

Happy Moving!


House Shifting Tips - 10 Mistakes to Avoid These tips can save you lot of money. Must read! Rating: 5 out of 5

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